Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Facebook Competition - Attention Beginners!

I'm running a giveaway this week for fans of The Sew & Sew! Facebook page. You can win one of my 90-minute Starter Sessions - this is the intensive session I developed specifically for people who are just getting started with sewing. It introduces you to your machine and to the basic principles of sewing, and it's designed to get you working straight away.

'Easy' diagram... You think YOUR machine is complicated?

So many people bought sewing machines the last couple of years! I think it was a combination of cheaper models being available (like the 99 euro machines in Lidl and Aldi) and the massive surge in interest in remodeling, alterations, and home crafts in general. But sitting down at a sewing machine for the first time, with no guidance except a poorly phrased manual, can be completely frustrating. I think an hour of wrestling with complicated threading or a belligerent bobbin, and a lot of people abandoned their machines to the back of the wardrobe.

There's no need for Beginners Despair! Really, with a few basics and a run through the most-encountered machine problems, I believe anyone can start working away on small projects. I designed the Starter Session - not to turn you into a professional tailor in 90 minutes - but to bring even a complete beginner from the point of blind frustration to a point of comfortable confidence by the time the lesson's over.

On top of the 90-minutes, the Starter Session also includes comprehensive notes - these cover all the basic problems you're likely to encounter with your machine, as well as a suggested sewing kit, ideas for easy projects, and reminders of everything covered during the lesson.

All lessons with The Sew & Sew! are carried out in your own home, on your own machine, working directly on your own projects. This is by far the most effective way to learn.

Plus, I completely understand that learning anything for the first time can be a bit boggling. After my first driving lesson, I sat in the car and couldn't remember a word the instructor had said. So, with that in mind, the Starter Session - like all lessons with The Sew & Sew! - includes 3 weeks free online aftercare. This means that for three weeks after your lesson, you can message me, Facebook me, or email me, with any of your sewing problems, and I'll do my best to help you sort them out.

The Starter Session usually costs 70 euro - but if you want to win one, just get over to the Facebook page. Details on how to win will be posted on Friday!

Good luck!

- Rhona

**As all lessons are carried out in person, in your own home, this competition is open to Cork residents only. Email me for details and conditions***

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