About The Sew & Sew!

As The Sew & Sew!, I provide private home sewing tutorials, as well as online sewing, alterations, and stitchy advice.

This blog aims to help you with the basics of sewing - alterations, repairs, re-modeling, home furnishings, and other suggested projects. My priority is to be resourceful and creative on a tight (or non-existent) budget, and to help you do the same.

For updates on special offers, new blog posts, and forthcoming public group classes, it's best to follow The Sew & Sew! page on Facebook.

Feel free to get in touch here, by email, or through Facebook, if you have suggestions for future posts or any problem areas you'd like to see covered, or just to say hello. I love to hear from readers and always appreciate feedback!
When I'm not Sew&Sew-ing, I mostly write, craft, and make costumes as Little Arrow, work on terribly tiny projects with Lisa Falzon as our collaboration Bantam Beasts, and skate with my local roller derby league, Rebel County Rollers.

Enjoy the blog.



Sewing Lessons: Further Info
I also provide home tutorials in all areas of sewing - from the specialised Starter Session for total beginners, to longer term session plans in your chosen area. So we can cover alterations, home furnishings, repairs, dressmaking, crafts - all while working directly on your own projects.
Each lesson plan is worked out specifically for each client, and includes notes, tips, and suggested projects.

All lessons are carried out in your own home, on your own machine. I believe this is the best way to learn, especially for beginners.
Also, all lessons - whether you book one or twenty - include three weeks FREE aftercare via email or Facebook, so you can ask all those questions you think up after I leave. Seriously!

All lessons vary in price depending on the number of lessons booked. For more information on lessons, or questions or comments on anything else, you can email me here.